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    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    Sakura Lounge at Centrair

    I thought business class passengers of Northwest airline has to use northwest airline lounge..but i was given a voucher of SAKURA lounge in Centrair.

    not so many people. but not so many kinds of snack..

    can see airline im going to take

    asahi beer!


    there are power point in each table.sofa feels very comfortable

    Monday, June 29, 2009

    Chicken rice

    This is chicken rice with charsiew from a restaurant just infront of Nilai KTM komuter station.

    Initially, I liked roasted chicken rice but now i dont know why,but I quit like steamed chicken rice..

    より大きな地図で Chicken rice を表示

    Value Adding Machine at Hang Tuah monorail station

    Touch'nGo card is a stored value card for transportatin in Malaysia.
    It is used for trains,buses,highway tolls.its very convenient.
    IN malaysia, sadly,ticket vending machines are often Rosak,broken at train statoins,or those machines dont accept notes...or no changes..

    There are some places where passengers can add value into the card,but its limited.
    and unlike singapore MRT system that passengers can add value in every station..
    I found value adding machine at monorail hang tuah station ,pic above.

    I gave it a try.
    It worked!
    note was inserted smoothly and the value was added! its surprising cuz usually those machines wouldnt work in malaysia! Lol

    Well, when i found that, it still looked new.maybe its broken already~.pls keep it up for maintainance.

    First Cabin in Osaka

    Last night I found one hotel called "First Cabin".The hotel is in Osaka,Japan and its a capsule hotel.

    Normally,capsule hotels look like..


    This is already "cool" to foreginers ,I thnk.

    What you can get in the hotel is just one of tiny sleeping boxes which are piled up in one big room.This is nearly dormitory hostel,but you can get private space in the box. In the box, you have a comfy bed,radio,and usually TV that also offers sex video. For public space, you ll have public spa(bath) sauna,and locker,toilet.

    The first cabin is one of such capsule hotel but something is different.

    It provides box room but its bigger and more stylish.

    The rooms were modelled after first class cabins of airplane.
    Thou you must share toilets,bathroom,shower room,you can have ur more comfortable stylish room for yourself.

    The price is also affordable for that quality of the hotel.
    One night 4800yen first cabin
    one night3800yen for business cabin
    per person

    Nex time I have to stay overnight in Osaka,I will definately try the fancy hotel!

    First Cabin,Osaka

    Saturday, June 27, 2009

    Packaged tour to Seoul, Korea at 8800yen~

    I was just surfing the itnernet and found out that a packaged tour to Korea is unbelievably cheap!

    Return tickets between Nagoya and Seould,2 night hotel stays,and return airport transfer.
    its just 3 days,but people like me who just like to enjoy delicious korean food and taking photos,3 days are all enouugh.
    Though those cheap tour take all of the travellers to duty free shops ,which waste precious time in the city,but its a good deal(thats one of the package tours are so cheap!)

    basic price of the package tour is 8800yen~9980yen depending on dates.

    last week i ringed the agent and made sure some dates are still available.

    with the basic price, though it needs to be added airport tax both in nagoya 2500yen and incheon(about 2000yen),but its still so cheap!

    Imagine just going to tokyo from nagoya and come back costs over 20000yen by shinkansen.if u stay at hotel in tokyo,it costs much more!

    Nowadays travelling to oversea is often cheaper than travelling domestic.

    I just didnt have friends who can take the tour with me cuz all my friends are so busy!

    But why not YOU try it?its a damn good deal!

    Friday, June 26, 2009

    Citibank stopped its service a while

    I just read the news that Citibank was forced to be close for one month by the Ministry of Finance in Japan.

    I have Citibank credit card and ATM card.
    Citibank ATM card is convenient cuz I can withdraw cash in foregin currency in oversea..

    I hope this will not affect my service....

    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    Centrair, Nagoya airport

    This set of breakfast costs 880yen!! Damn expensive!


    I booked an air ticket to Tapei!
    Im going to bank to pay later today.
    Ill fly with Northwest airline.first i fly from nagoya to tokyo then take another flight in Narita airport and head to Taipei.
    The ticket costs 36700yen including everything.Its cheap for tickets that allows me to stay over 2 weeks.If I just stay in taiwan for 10 days,then ticket would be much cheaper than that ,probably about 20000yen.Think that return tickets between Nagoya and tokyo costs about 21000yen. Travelling to taiwan is definately on sale! and Costs in taiwan is slightly cheaper than I thnk its good place to travel.
    However, even though costs in taiwan is cheaper than that in japan,its still much more expensive than Malaysia..How much budget should i prepare?

    I really have been wanting to visit taiwan for long very excited to go there.

    The ticket I purchase

    Northwest Airlines:21 days FIX

    NW78 名古屋中部発Nagoya 12:40 成田着Narita,Tokyo 14:05

    NW79 成田発Narita,Tokyo 18:55 台北(桃園)着Taipei Taoyuan 21:50

    NW22 台北(桃園)発Taipei Taoyuan 09:35 成田着Narita,Tokyo 13:55

    NW77 成田発Narita,Tokyo 18:35 名古屋中部着Nagoya 20:05

    Ticket:33000yen+Airport Tax(Nagoya):2500yen+Airport Tax(Taipei):1200yen=36700yen
    No Fuel Surcharge

    Travel agent:International Express

    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Nyonya Colors, 1Utama

    These are "Kuih".Its Malay sweet. Kuih tastes miracly delicious.

    I tried two of them at Nyonya colours in 1 Utama shopping centre.

    Blue:Pulut Tai Tai

    90 sen each

    Brown paste is Kaya jam which is very sweet and delicious.

    Airport Coach@KLIA

    Welcome to Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia!

    Probably, most of international travellers arrive Malaysia from Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KLIA). Have you studied how to get to the city centre yet?

    KLIA express/ERL is the fastest way which costs RM35 per person per way.
    The train takes half an hour to get to KL Sentral.

    But if you are travelling with more than 2, Maybe taking taxi directly to your hotel in KL is cost effective and easier.
    2 tickets of KLIA express RM70,taxi to the city cost about RM70(budget taxi)

    well, for budget travellers , there is a non-stop bus service from KLIA to KL Sentral.

    Airport Coach

    It costs only RM10 to go to KL Sentral taking about 1 hour.

    Bus stops@LCCT

    Here,today I would like to introduce bus stops at LCCT,KLIA.

    Though LCCT shares the same runway with KLIA, its very far from the main is no rail transportatoin out of LCCT and only public transportation is bus.

    At past, there were no proper bus stops,but last time I visited LCCT, bus stops were better organised than the past.

    When you arrive domestic arrival LCCT,turn left after getting out of the terminal.
    If you arrive International arrival LCCT,go straight for the way to the domestic arrival hall.
    Then you will see a way leading to bus stops like this below.

    the way to bus stops

    Bus stop 1. Free Shuttle Bus to Pos Malaysia

    Bus stop2. Airport Liner to MTB(Main Terminal Building,KLIA) at RM1.5
    Bus to Nilai KTM komuter station at RM3.5

    Bus stop3. Skybus to KL Sentral at RM9

    Bus stop4. Areobus to KL Sentral at RM8

    Bus stop 5. Star Shuttle to Puduraya and Ipoh

    You will be greeted by touts "Sentral?Sentral?" by Skybus staff and Aerobus staff.

    If you book Skybus together with airasia ticket, you can purchase the skybus ticket at RM6.5.

    if you walk ahead, you will find a food court .

    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    Tune Hotel, KLIA-LCCT

    Category:Budget Hotel

    Location:nearby LCCT

    より大きな地図で Tune Hotel, LCCT を表示

    Accessibility:The official website of Tune hotel says 7 mins walk to the hotel from the airport,but I am sure the walk is not very comfortable.There's NO proper walkway or pavement for pedestrians. Im sure 7 mins are NOT enough to finish the walking journey to the hotel.I guess it would take about 15 mins at least.My recommendation is "Do not walk".Malaysia is a hot country with killing sunshine.
    There is a shuttle van between the airport (LCCT)and the Tune Hotel.
    Van fare is RM1.It takes about 2 mins only to get to the hotel.
    The problem,well,typical problem in Malaysia,is at LCCT or atleast at arrival hall NO informatoin provided where people can board the van to the hotel!!
    Van stops and lets passengers from the hotel alight right in front of the domestic departure hall like this.

    If you see it,you are lucky,Go to the van and get on!
    If you cant find it,you have 2 choices.1.wait there 2 go to bus stop in front of the food court walking past some bus stops of skybus,aerobus,bus to main termina,and star bus...probably many staff will shout at you "Sentral?" which is super annoying..In fact,proper bus stop of the van is in front of food court! without asking people,how can I know where to board the van??I have asked 4 people to just to find the bus stop.But be careful ,people who chose choice 2, even though its the proper bus stop,the van can only accomodate up to 9 people maximum. What if the van is full because people get on the van at departure hall(choice1)? Hmm, you might have to wait another half an hour..
    But the last day ,I saw the van is waiting at spot between skybus stop and LCCT terminal...
    Pls look carefully and find the van.
    Frequency of the van is half an hour.

    15mins and 45 mins in every hour from LCCT.
    00mins and 30 mins in every hour from the tune hotel

    Room I stayed:530,double room

    Rates I paid:RM85.10 including 12 hour aircon usage.

    Date I stayed:June 2009

    Room Facilities:aircon,dryer(pls pay),safe,shower,toilet,tap,window

    Amenities:toilet roll,towel(pls pay)

    Hotel Facilities:lobby,convenience store,7/11,massage shop,2 restaurants,parking,

    Cleanliness:very clean

    Shower:shower pressure is excellent,hot shower

    Internet:wifi at lobby and comptuers with the internet available at loby level

    Around th hotel:LCCT

    Good Comments:*Nearby LCCT,very convenient for travellers who have early morning flight and flights late at night
    *Reasonable price for airport-side hotels.
    *Transportation service(Captrans).You can book taxi(their chartered car or van) and tour.
    *some stores at ground floor of the hotel,restaurant,massage shop,convenience store.

    Negative Comments:*Though its near LCCT,its not walking distance(not easy to walk)
    *Rooms are very small.But I think most of people stay there only for one night,so they dont mind the room is small.


    rooms are very small

    clean bathroom

    all rooms face outdoor corridor,its like an apartment.

    it ticks how long time I use aircon

    corridor,I guess they build such outdoor corridor because they dont need to use aircon for the corridors and cut costs.and also for fire emergency.

    really nice palm oil trees ,the view from the corridor

    I had thought the hotel is just beside the LCCT,but actually...hmm far..

    Lobby,enjoy aircon there.

    how about having some beer there?

    massage before /after airflight?

    outside look,very fancy

    I dont feel like walking under the sun..

    car park,pls pay

    this is an office of captrans where you can buy tickets of van to LCCT.go in the office and say "LCCT" and pay RM1 per person.The female staff there advised me its better to book ticket for early morning van of the next day to LCCT from tune hotel because many of people who stay at the hotel take airasia flight early in the morning .

    Tune hotel,LCCT - LCC Terminal RM1 per way per person
    Tune hotel,LCCT - KLIA,Nilai, Salak Tinggi RM35 per way per car
    RM70 per way per van
    Tune hotel - KL downtown RM75 per way per car
    RM150 per way per van
    KL city tour RM180 person (min2 person)
    Malacca tour RM250 per person(min 2)

    If you like to take a cab to KL or other places,you can also go in the office and ask staff arrange a vehicle for you(its not a cab,its their chartered van or car). Fares to some destination and of some tours are shown above in the photo.Pay there and keep the voucher.

    ex:Tune hotel - KL RM75

    This is a ticket from Tune hotel to LCCT.

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