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    Saturday, May 30, 2009

    Sakura Lounge at Centrair, Nagoya

    Today, morning, I used sakura lounge at centrair. I thought northwest airline prepare other lounge,but actually i was given a voucher to go to Sakura Lounge when checked in.

    There are basic things;Beer dispensers,Onigiri,some snacks,sandwitches,wine.

    anywya,right now im in Skyclub lounge at Narita airport,tokyo.

    Im very satisfied with the food,facilities,and environment.

    im very tipsy right now with vocka, wine,sake, many alcohol i had..whats a little bit sad is i am drinking alone.haha

    im gonna catch flight.

    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Driving in Labuan visiting the Chimney

    Labuan is actually a federal territory like Putrajaya and KL.
    There isnt a big population in the island.Driving in the island

    was very relaxing.
    The island is tax free,so beer is very cheap!I had so many glasses of beer.

    Walking in a market in Hong Kong

    What is good about Hong kong is markets.
    I wonder why those style of markets were extincted in Japan.

    An Island in Langkawi

    This is one of a small island in Langkawi I visited as "Island Hopping"

    It costed only RM25. I thnk the tour is worth RM25 very much.

    The beach of the island was very white,and water was so clear.

    I love it.

    Saturday, May 23, 2009

    98SG Hostel



    Location:Very close to Aljunied MRT station.Turn left at the entrance of the station,and walk ahead to shophouses ,the corner of the shophouse is this hostel.Its a bit difficult to find it. Sign is too small to find.I asked staff at restaurant just 20~25 metres away from the hostel entrance where the hostel is,but they said"I dont know"...Later, I find it just so close..

    より大きな地図で 98SG を表示

    Accessibility:Aljunied MRT station

    Room Type:Dorm,twin room(shared bathroom)

    Rates:S$75 for twin room a night

    Room Facilities:Double-deck beds,aircon,window,desk

    Amenities:sheets,two pillows,blanket

    Hotel Facilities:shared showers,kitchen,etc

    Cleanliness:Really very clean for inside the hostel,but the building (outside look)looks very aging.But once I stepped in the hostel, everything was shining clean.

    Shower:3?or 4 shower booths,some of which got toilet with.Shower pressure is no problem,but I couldnt lock key of one of them,so someone tried to come in when Im doing my business!

    Internet:Wifi seems available cuz I saw some people were using it ,but I didnt use it myself..

    Around th hotel:Some restaurants,Aljunied station

    Good Comments:*Very clean and affordable
    *Very close to Aljunied MRT station,1~2 mins on foot.
    *Easy to go to and from the airport by MRT.
    *Easy to take taxi even middle of the night(I had a taxi frm there to the airport at 3am)

    Negative Comments:*Reception is not open for 24 hours actually.(or at least at the time I stayed).I wanted to check out the room middle of the night around 3am to catch an early morning flight,but a staff said its not possible.But she suggested me I check out the room 10 pm before the day(return the room key and get back my deposit),then I just stayed at the room over the night until 3am next morning when I left the hostel. Actually I wanted to come back to the hostel late at night(midnight),but she said 1opm is time to go bed for her..So I asked if 10pm can be changed to 11pm.She said its ok.(If you are not checking out in such early morning,you can come back to your room anytime 24 hours,No curfew)
    *The hostel is located in 1st and 2nd floor without lift.
    *Noise was very easy to travel over walls,so I had to be very quiet at night.
    *Too close to MRT station to hear station announcement such as "To all passengers~""Train is arriving" and train running sound..I think its disturbing in the morning for sensitive people.

    Overall:Its a very nice hostel with great accessibility, reasonable rate and clean rooms. Strongly recommended.

    ↑View from the window of the room I stayed,very close to the station.

    ↑My room.Double-deck beds,very clean and comfortable.but the beds sound when you turn your body on the bed..


    An Unreasonable Rule

    A week ago,I told my antie who is in charge of my workplace that I would travel malaysia.Today,she told me there might be a "rule"..So she asked if there is any rule concerning the Swine flue to the manager who said "we have".

    The rule says "Working is not permitted for one week after flying back to Japan. It applys for all the people who travel to oversea and people with any family members or roommates who travel to oversea regardless what foreign country they go."

    How unreasonable the rule is! Japan got more than 300 swine flu patients but the rule sound like foregin countries are much more dangerous!! How many swine flu patients are there in Malaysia so far?2? and no local transmission?At least, I'm very sure Japan is more dangerous than Malaysia.Why people who visit Osaka and Kobe,where most of 300 patients are, are permitted to work,but travellers to oversea are not allowed to work for 7 days?

    Very unreasonable..

    Friday, May 22, 2009

    Tune Hotel,Kota Kinabalu

    [Tune Hotel,Kota Kinabalu]

    Category:Budget ~ bussiness~leisure

    Location:It's integrated with 1Borneo.

    Access:I took a taxi from Josselton ferry terminal to the hotel at Rm20,but maybe you can bargain more?Alternatively,there are free shuttle buses provided by 1Borneo shopping mall from Wawasan Square.Get (free)bus tickets at the booth. The buses are running on schedule.You can walk from bus stop inside 1Borneo down to the hotel entrance.

    Room type:single,double

    Price:*As you know,Tune Hotel offer different rates depending on when u book rooms.
    *I stayed at double room at RM295 including 2 packages of 12 hours aircon for 7 nights.(23 dec~30dec)

    Room Facilities:Aircon,Flat TV,in-room wifi,towels(cost),hungers,Table,shower booth,toilet with hose(free)

    Hotel facilities:7-Eleven ,Gloria Jeans Coffee ,Nelson's Cafe(actually u can step in 1Borneo anytime),Travel agent desk

    Cleanliness:VERY CLEAN! No complaining about cleanliness

    Shower:Very good water pressure and nice hot shower

    Around the hotel:*1Borneo!*Across the busy road in front of !Borneo,there are new shophouses.There are some restaurants and a dobi(loundry store,) and some others.
    *There is a travel informatoin near the hotel,inside 1Borneo,where you can ask for renting a car.I rented Myvi..

    Good Comments:*Very convenient to access 1Borneo.If you just tired of shopping, you can simply go back to your room and rest and go back to shopping.
    *Free shuttle buses from 1Borneo to city centre are provided,which can save taxi fare.
    *Some rooms(I think rooms located at the edge of the building) are larger than the other rooms.I stayed at one of those rooms.
    *Once again,very clean!
    *Aircon in my room seems not counting how long I used it...I paid for 24 hours only,,but I used aircon at least more than that..
    *staff at reception are very nice and polite.

    Bad Comments:*Location of 1Borneo where Tune Hotel is just with is far from the city centre and the airport.
    *No coin loundry at the time I stayed,so I had to go across the busy road with my dirty clothes to a dobi ,one of shophouses..
    *a staff at the travel agent desk seemed to me that they are not so interested in catching potential customers..
    *I think car parks tend to be very packed on weekends..and traffic jam leading to 1Borneo.


    より大きな地図で Tune Hotel@1Borneo,Kota Kinabalu を表示

    Very nice bed,very comfortable!

    very clean with a hose.

    a flat TV

    This room is larger than the others

    water pressure is good and hot shower available

    view from the window from my of shopphouses is a dobi.

    another angle of view from room I stayed at

    Does it really count how long I used aircon?but lucky they let me use the aircon more than I paid..

    Lobby and travel agent desk at right side


    advertisement in room

    reception 24 hours

    Gloria Jean's Coffe,ladys' day wednesday?(sorry i forgot)

    Dobi is just there!the restaurant beside the dobi was nice,I had megie goreng

    Dobi operation hours

    Price list of dobi,too blur to see..


    Foo~~~,finally presentation was done just now.
    Today,many of my classmates didnt attend the class cuz they are out for teaching practice.
    so, It was lucky for me to do my presentation with fewer classmates.

    My topic of presentation was about "Selkies".its imaginary creatures found in mythology of celtic countries. they are usually seals living in the ocean,but sometimes they come up on the land,and shed their skin to tranform themselves into human form.Interestingly, Female selkies in human form are very pretty and male selkies in human form are also very handsome.then male selkies seduce human women ,especially women who are dissatisfied with their romantice life. as for female woman,if human men find their skin and hide it,the female selkies that are very pretty are in his hand.they are forced to marry the men who hide the skin.

    Today is rainy.It feels my skin is sticky cuz of its humid weather.It feels hot if I put on jacket,but It feels cold with a shirt only..difficult to asjust to the weather.

    Today .there are another 2 classes to attend.
    One is Chinese starting from 3pm.
    U might get surprised to know half of the classmates are chinese!What on earth arer the chinese students doing in the chinese class? the class is mainly about "translating chinese stories to Japanese ".For japanese students like me, its good practice to read and understand chinese. and its also a good practice for chinese students to do that to write Japanese with better and wider expressions of japanese.
    Their japanese is pretty good.I cant believe they just studied japanese for 3 years only.then they can speak japanese without problem.On the other hand ,I cant speak chinese nearly at all.

    Ah sleepy...can anyone tell me why I cant fall a sleep at nights I do muscle training?any chemicals work to disturb my sleeping desire? thats why im so sleepy in day time in class!!

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    Heritage Statoin Hotel

    Category:Budget hotel

    Locatoin:Just beside Old Kuala lumpur statoin.

    access:3 mins from KTM komuter kuala lumpur statoin.Get off at the station,then head to the ticket gates(KL sentral side) opposite from main ticket gates(pasar seni side).take the subway(underpass) go to the right side of the platform which will lead you to the hotel entrance.

    Room type:single,double,twin,triple,deluxe,family

    Price:RM85(Superior single),RM95(Superior double-twin),RM105(Superior triple) by online booking

    Long term stay:RM300 (Double room) one week,(one month stay on request)(Room cleaning is done one a week)

    Room Facilities:TV, aircon,bathroom(some with bathtub,some not)
    TV and fridge is available at RM50 for long term stayers.

    Hotel facilities:Coin laundry and dryers at RM3 per wash/dry,restaurant at lobby floor

    Cleanliness:Okay...clean..but rooms feel a bit humid..cuz its old building.

    Shower:water pressure is not very good,and hot shower isnt available in some rooms.

    Internet:Wifi is available for free at restaurant in the lobby.Ask passwords to staff.

    Around the hotel:*Indian restaurant just beside.*
    The indian restaurant have small restaurant on the platform with nice view of the station for breakfast.
    *There is a small kiosk at the station.
    *Some plastic models of KTM trains exhibited at concourse of the station.

    Good comments:*Its in magnificent cononial building.
    *Lift is also very traditinal and very interesting.
    *hallway also looks very nice.
    *Staff at lobby are polite and friendly.
    *Post box in front of the hotel also looks nice.
    *in front of the statoin and hotel is bus depot of NICE BUS and some other laxurious bus to Singapore and Penang,etc..

    Bad comments:*There was a blackout once when I stayed there.No window,so complete darkness.
    *There are not many places to eat around the hotel.only the indian restaurant.You need to walk 10~15 mins to china town or Pasar seni to have wider choices of food..
    *not many people around the hotel,so it feels somewhat unsafe..

    Recommendation:reasonable for long term stayers and suitable to people who are interested in staying at magnificent historical and colonial building

    より大きな地図で Heritage Hotel を表示


    From the fare gates ,underpass, and to hotel

    NICE Bus,lounge and ticket counter

    Bus to Singapore and Penang,etc

    Breakfast at morning indian restaurant on platform

    Hotel hallway

    ↑Pretty postbox



    Shuttle Inn

    I would like to introduce some hotels I stay in Malaysia.

    [Shuttle Inn]

    Shuttle Inn is a budget hotel in bukit bintang.

    Location:Jalan bukit bintang ,close to Macdonald.
    Next to Agora hotel

    Transportation:5 mins walk to Bukit Bintang monorail station


    Room type:twin rooms and double room.(Im nt sure about single..)

    Room facilities:attached bathroom(no bathtub),TV,Aircon


    Cleanliness:clean enough,especially renovated rooms are very clean.

    Around the hotel:Bakery(also selling waters)

    Comments:*There is a lobby at 1st floor(not at the ground floor),without a lift,so you must take your luggages up yourself.
    *Antie at the lobby looks a bit scary,but its a budget hotel..
    *Lobby is open for 24 hours.

    Recommendation:Suitable to budget travellers who want to have a private room at cheap rate.

    より大きな地図で Shuttle Inn を表示


    Attention:the information might be wrong,pls stay there with your responsibility.

    RapidKL B105 KLCC → Midvalley

    より大きな地図で RapidKl Route B105 KLCC→Midvalley を表示

    Attention: The map information might be wrong,Pls take buses with your responsibility

    RapidKl B102 Bukit Bintang→Titiwangsa

    より大きな地図で RapidKL Route B102 Bukit Bintang→Titiwangsa を表示

    Attention: The map information might be wrong,Pls take buses with your responsibility

    RapidKL bus Route B105 Midvalley→KLCC

    より大きな地図で RapidKl Route B105 KLCC→Midvalley を表示

    As Information provided by RapidKL is very poor and difficult to understand where buses go through, I made a route map myself according to their website.

    The first map I made is B105 Midvalley to KLCC

    Attention:The route map might be wrong. Please take buses with your responsibility.

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Studying Chinese

    Chinese isn't easy.


    it's getting hot

    Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    Training at Gym

    I got nothing to do these days.All of my friends are either working or busy hunting for jobs.
    So, I go to gym and have some sweat.

    This is Midori Sport Center,one of the Nagoya city public sport center.
    The mayor said that most of the public facilities in Nagoya will be close if they detect patients of swine flue. The sport center is one of those facilities..Today I had to renew my monthly pass that costs 1600yen(US$16)..What if this gym is close for the virus ?Do they compesate it? Hmm,I dont think they refund for the missing days..One entry costs 300yen(US$3),so if I can use the facility more than 6 times with the monthly pass before closure of the sport centre, I will be lucky...

    The gym training was hard as always.But compared with my first day of training,one month ago, I think I can lift training machines with less grimace face than before.
    There are some guys there with very nice muscle on most parts of their bodies.Looking at them sometimes, I tell myself I should not give up this hard thing and someday will achieve to build such mascular arms and thick chest with me.
    Currently, I've got a fat sumo-wrestler-like face and a beer gut though....haha

    After doing all the machines in the gym for 2 round, I went to running course and had a jogging for just 5 rounds. This reminded me of good days in Nilai college.I often wen to joggings along the Nilai lake.

    On the way back home,I saw this constructoin.

    They are constructing the Nagoya Outer Ring Road. Some parts of the project are already completed,but some parts like this one is still on-going. The road includes a ground-level road and an elevated highway just above the ground-level one. This place is the middle of housing area,so when this is completed, it will create a traffic noise pollution,I think..

    Monday, May 18, 2009

    Shopping at Odaka Jusco

    Today monday is the first holiday of 4 days holiday that come every week..Monday ,Midori sport centre, one of Nagoya puclic sport centres, is close for monday. So,today I cant go to the gym to get some muscle pain.Today is a complete day-off !

    So I decided to go to Odaka Jusco just 15 mins drive away from my house.On the way there, I visited newly-opened South Odaka statoin of JR(like KTM komuter) that directly links the shopping mall by an elevated walkway.

    it still looks brand new
    totally 4 lifts are up and running at the station
    a walkway to Jusco
    Bus terminal in front of the statoin

    apartment beside

    bus stop

    Nagoya city bus
    interior of the jusco

    Fake food as menu for display

    上海柿安 chinese restaurant
    Marvelous Cream,its ice-cream store which ice-cream are "cooked" on icy and freezed teppan as if they cook teppanyaki.

    well, I bought a mini suitcase at jusco at 3000yen(US$30,RM110). For the coming trip,I plan to bring the suitcase into airplane instead of checking in the luggage,so i needed to get mini suitcase that is small enough for in-flight luggage.with all the luggages i get with me on flight, I dont need to clear the immigration and customs at Changi airport ,and i can stay inside the restricted area of the airport and sit tight at one of comfortable sofa-like chair in there.
    But the problem is....the suitcase is too small !! It will be a very big challenge for me to pack everything I need for the trip into such mini suitcase...

    later on,I went to UNIQLO, butique store selling wide range of clothes at relatively reasonable prices.

    Currently ,they advertise their "BRATOP" tanktop shirt very often in tv. That shirts are attached with pieces of bras inside, which makes it possible to free women from wearing bras..
    Hmm...I wonder if its really comfortable...the TV CM of bratop is very revealing..CM2
    I think its not allowed to be broadcasted in Malaysia..

    By the way,I bought a blue button-up shirt at only 500yen(RM18) after it was discounted. I think it was a good deal for button-up shirts.

    Next,I went to a bookstore where I bought 3 books:
    1. a way to get around in Asia.
    2.Strange news from Asia
    and lastly..........
    3. How to talk effectively.......

    You know,from next year,i will start working full time where I have to be socialised with many kinds of people . Currently I am not that talkative type neither a good speaker. I always admire people who are able to speak their thoughts neatly,interestingly,and sometimes I would like to learn some tips of how to talk well and socialise..haha.
    Maybe it is also useful to catch girls' attention?hope so,haha.

    on the way back home, I dropped in Sugi pharmasy to buy masks .There were still masks,but it said"2 masks for 1 person only".

    well,this was my holiday.
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